Website wireframe:
The Undocumented and Black Convening

Disclaimer: The following images you will see below are what is called a website wireframe. The purpose of a wireframe is just to see how all the content we have discussed will fit into the format of a website. Please looks are these images through the lens of a template, all content including images and text are samples just to show y'all one way the website could will look like. The final look and feel of the website we will develop together as we input our own content.  



This is what the homepage would look like. Notice the nice and clean menu on the top right (we can add any menu items, these are just sample items), Top right will be our logo  The background image will be slide show that will rotate up to 5 images at a time. we can add text on the homepage too as a welcome message. 

Stories page: 


Here is an example of what our stories page could look like, each image/text will be a link to a page with the full story of each person where we can put more photos or videos we create on each story. 

Public Convening agenda: 


Here is an example of what the public agenda page could look like. I know there is a security concern with folks but this is just so participants can see and get a taste of how amazing this convening is going to be. 

Registation page: 


Here is where participants can click to register for the convening. When the register now link is clicked the user will be taken to our Eventbrite page where we can collect the necessary funds and info to get them on our list to attend. 

Sponsors page: 


This is where the sponsors for the convening will be listed, we can create a tier system for sponsors who give us more $$$$ and for sponsors who give us less $$$$.